Brand Name

They call him the
Butcher of Burma

This is General Min Aung Hlaing.
Since August this year he has led his military in a bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state

Rohingya villages being burned to the ground by General Min’s soldiers

Rajuma fought as hard as she could to hold onto her baby, Muhammad Sadeque, about 18 months old. But one soldier grabbed her hands, another grabbed her body, and another slugged her in the face with a club. A jagged scar now runs along her jaw. The child was lifted away from her, his legs wiggling in the air.

“They threw my baby into a fire — they just flung him,” she said.

620,000 people have run from the slaughter.

And counting…

This is not the first time General Min has sent his troops to Rakhine to kill Rohingya

Raping women. Butchering children. Only General Min knows how many his soldiers have murdered.

And the world has been silent.

But not this time.
This time we fight back.
This time we stop the butcher.

Bring General Min to justice: take the Butcher of Burma to the International Criminal Court.
Indict the butcher. Stop the slaughter.

Tell our leaders to support a new hope for Rohingya!

We want Myanmar to commit to:

  • - Safe returns for Rohingya with full citizenship

  • - A UN mission to stop the violence

  • - Justice served on the Butcher